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  • Aquateal

    A unique range of products that can produce a natural tan all year round. Natural ingredients including black, green and white tea.

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  • DCL Skincare

    Since 1980, Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) has provided physicians with the highest quality non-prescription skin and hair formulations for direct dispensing. For over two decades...

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  • Fillerina

    Fillerina is an effective non-invasive treatment to plump sagging areas and smooth lines and wrinkles. The formula contains six different types of hyaluronic acids and is the world’s first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for home use.

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  • Mene & Moy

    The effectiveness of the M&M System resides in the high concentration of the active ingredients used, notably stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid which form the basis of each formula.

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  • NatraSan Skin

    KILLS GERMS AND VIRUSES ON CONTACT. NatraSan Skin as an antiseptic, skin disinfectant and also a disinfectant for hard and soft surfaces. Completely safe in eyes and ears and to sanitise the inside of the mouth. Ideal also for sanitising make up brushes.

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  • Ozalys

    Ozalys is a brand created by women, for women affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. A complete range of Personal Hygiene, Face and Body treatments, to help them to care for themselves on a daily basis.

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  • WIqO

    When caring for your face and body, products from the WiQo Dermocosmetic Line are your skin’s best allies.  

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  • Wrinkle Schminkles

    100% Medical Grade Silicone pads specifically created to target wrinkles in areas prone to creasing and subsequent wrinkles

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  • Straight Teeth Direct

    Straighten your teeth in 5-9 months with invisible aligners sent to your door. Save up to 70% on the clinic price and skip trips to the dentist with virtual monthly reviews.

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