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  • Aquateal

    A unique range of products that can produce a natural tan all year round. Natural ingredients including black, green and white tea.

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  • DCL Skincare

    Since 1980, Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) has provided physicians with the highest quality non-prescription skin and hair formulations for direct dispensing. For over two decades...

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  • Inno Aesthetics

    Inno-Aesthetics is an advanced skincare range that is formulated using proven active ingredients to produce a line of skincare products that can help treat many symptoms of ageing skin.

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  • Mene & Moy

    The effectiveness of the M&M System resides in the high concentration of the active ingredients used, notably stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid which form the basis of each formula.

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  • Milk Solutions

    Traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients with advanced scientific technologies and processes to deliver effective, visible results. Four ranges of paraben-free specialist manicure and pedicure products.

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  • NatraSan Skin

    The new standard in skin disinfection.The active ingredient of NatraSan Skin is HOCI or hypochlorous acid, a highly effective week acid that is naturally present in the human immune system. 

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  • Oxygenetix

    Award winning post treatment foundations and moisturisers that work like a breathable second skin. Oxygenetix soothes, heals and protects the skin following aesthetic procedures.

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  • SkinRenu

    Advanced skin care products for mature skin that restore the natural health of skin without the use of harsh substances or other aggressive methods of treatment.

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  • Utopia

    This silicone-free range has adaptive technology to suit all skin types, brings the most effective ingredients from all other leading products into one unique range.

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  • WIqO

    When caring for your face and body, products from the WiQo Dermocosmetic Line are your skin’s best allies.    

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