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We specialise in innovative and specialist skin care that will provide noticeable improvements in the appearance of prematurely ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, eczema and sun damage and we aim to give you the best service and prices possible

Have you tried OXYGENETIX, the breathable foundation that is so good for your skin you can even sleep in it!

OXYGENETIX products can be used daily and are ideal to use following: Laser treatments, Chemical peel, Microneedling, Minor cosmetic surgery, Injectables and more.

We are proud to offer the best available products to support healing following aesthetic procedures with our line of foundations that cover flawlessly and moisturizers that hydrate continuously. When using OXYGENETIX breathable foundation and Hydro-Matrix on post-surgical scars, patients can be comfortable and confident that evidence of the procedure is concealed and protected. The same coverage and protection that supports surgery patients is equally effective and easy to use daily. Oxygenetix products cover, soothe and protect a wide variety of skin problems so you can live your life without missing a beat.



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