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  • Aquateal

    A unique range of products that can produce a natural tan all year round. Natural ingredients including black, green and white tea.

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  • DCL Skincare

    Since 1980, Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) has provided physicians with the highest quality non-prescription skin and hair formulations for direct dispensing. For over two decades...

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  • Fillerina

    Fillerina is an effective non-invasive treatment to plump sagging areas and smooth lines and wrinkles. The formula contains six different types of hyaluronic acids and is the world’s first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for home use.

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  • Eneomey

    With the expertise of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and surgeons, the efficiency is in the heart of the formulation of each skincare. The perfect concentration of the active ingredients, such as stabilized Vitamin C, glycolic acid and phytic acid, gives optimal results.

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  • Mene & Moy

    The effectiveness of the M&M System resides in the high concentration of the active ingredients used, notably stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid which form the basis of each formula.

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  • NatraSan Skin

    KILLS GERMS AND VIRUSES ON CONTACT. NatraSan Skin as an antiseptic, skin disinfectant and also a disinfectant for hard and soft surfaces. Completely safe in eyes and ears and to sanitise the inside of the mouth. Ideal also for sanitising make up brushes.

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  • Ozalys

    Ozalys is a brand created by women, for women affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. A complete range of Personal Hygiene, Face and Body treatments, to help them to care for themselves on a daily basis.

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  • Pharma Hermetic

    Pharma Hermetic range of cosmetics are based on the power of growth factors, vitamins, plant extracts and dihydrotestosterone blockers. These include topical cosmetic products developed to stop hair loss and promote hair growth, without side effects and with lasting results.


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