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Nutri Cream - 50g

Nutri Cream - 50g

Product Code: 00303

Nutri Cream (Vitamins A, E Phytic Acid 4%)

Nutri Cream is a rich creamy formulation especially suitable for younger or highly sensitive skin. Containing 4% Phytic Acid, and Vitamins A and E, it can help to fade brown spots and dark patches, whislt providing essential moisture for smoother, softer skin.* Provides even skin tone

* skin smoother and softer

* For mature skin needing a rich moisturiser

* Young patients needing a night cream







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Wash the skin, pat dry,leaving the skin slightly damp.  Apply sparingly every night.

Active Ingredient:

4% Phytic Acid


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and muccous membranes. If necessary, rinse with abundant fresh water.  In case of irritation, discontinue use.




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