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Mene & Moy : Moisturisers

Enhanced Cream 15% Glycolic - 50gm

Enhanced Cream 15% Glycolic - 50gm

Product Code: 00201

Mene & Moy Enhanced Cream is an antiageing exfoliating cream to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in combination skin.  Enhanced Cream gives your skin a velvety appearance and leaves it visibly rejuvenated.  Your skin is smoother and more elastic, with a glowing complexion.

  • eliminates cecll residues
  • re-densifies your skin, improving elasticity and tonicity
  • revives your complexion





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Apply a thin layer in the evening to the face and neck,having already thoroughly cleansed with Mene & Moy Facial Cleanser or Mene & Moy Face & Body Cleanser.  Massage gently to help absorption. Begin treatment progressively if skin is not accustomed to glycolic acid.  To enhance the results of the treatment, use Mene & Moy Facial Lotion C20 as a day cream.

Active Ingredients:

Contains 15% glycolic acid.

Paraben Free

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