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SkinRenu Creates and Markets a Line of Advanced Skin Care Products For People 35 years and Older.

As we grow older many of the skin's abilities to maintain itself are diminished or lost.

Maybe you spent a lot of time working and playing in the sun. Over time the sun’s rays destroy your skin's ability to repair itself. Skin cell walls lose their ability to communicate with each other and vital nutrients are not able to get to where they’re needed. Key ingredients in your skin's moisture barrier are lost and your skin gets thinner, weaker.

SkinRenu Restores the Natural Health of Your Skin Without the Use of Harsh Substances.

SkinRenu creates and markets a line of advanced skin care products for mature skin that restore the natural health of your skin without the use of harsh substances or other aggressive methods of treatment. SkinRenu’s unique formula of Natural Active Lipids bathes the skin cell walls, improving communication and repair. Special formulas of natural antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and peptides are added to correct specific skin conditions like eye wrinkles or thin skin. These natural nutrients and vitamins move to where your skin needs them the most, rebuilding your skin's lipid layers and improving moisture retention.

With continued use, SkinRenu products will get your skin back to a younger, healthier look with increased elasticity.

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